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Fozzy/Gemini Syndrome in Clarksville TN

By • Sep 29th, 2017 • Category: Live Show Reviews

Article by William Simpson

Tuesday night is not the normal wild rock and roll night out in the small Tennessee town of Clarksville.  It’s not every night that The Warehouse hosts Gemini Syndrome and Fozzy.  On this Tuesday night, The Warehouse was full of rock enthusiasts waiting to hear two of the best bands on the scene today.

I missed the two opening bands but got to see the set for Gemini Syndrome being setup and the anticipation running through the crowd.  Gemini Syndrome – Aaron Nordstrom (vocals), Brian Steele Medina (drums), Alessandro Paveri (bass), Daniel Sahagun (guitar), and newest member Miguel Rascon (guitars) – took the stage to a roaring approval of the crowd.  They are touring in support of their recently released sophomore release “Memento Mori”.  Gemini Syndrome opened the show with crowd favorite “Pleasure and Pain” followed by “resurrection” and “Zealot”.  The audience we crowding the stage jumping and singing from the first note unit the house lights came one.  Aaron was hitting all the notes and his voice was in top form.  Brian Steele Medina was destroying the drums as he always does and along with Alessandro Paveri, they held a thunderous but steady backbone all night.  Gemini Syndrome is one of the most popular live bands in the world.  They create great music and put on a one of a kind live show.

After Gemini Syndrome left the stage it gave the crowd the opportunity to go get a few more beers and get ready for the headliner, Fozzy.  Front man and WWE legend Chris Jericho brought the fans to a wild frenzy again with their latest single title of their album being released next month, “Judas”.  Joining vocalist Jericho in Fozzy is co-founder and lead guitarist Rich Ward, Frank Fontsere on drums, Billy Grey on rhythm guitar, and Paul Di Leo on bass.  Fozzy performed a long set, to the enjoyment of the fans, and played such hits as “Sin and Bones”, “To Kill a Stranger”, to name a couple.

The fans that made their way to The Warehouse this Tuesday night was rewarded with some great music and two bands that are great at what they do.  I left The Warehouse heading out on a road trip to Colorado but I had ot stop by the merch table and say “Hi” to the guys and pick me up a copy of the new Genini Syndrome album to list to on the ride.  You should do that same.

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