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Raven Black – Interview

By • Aug 30th, 2017 • Category: Artist Interviews

Article by William Simpson

Raven Black is a band that is taking 2017 by storm.  This LA based band formed in 2012 and just finished their Hex O’Clock Tour and will be heading out on the road again soon.  Raven Black is taking the metal world by storm and will be a household name soon.  They will be releasing an album entitled “13”.  Raven Black has also released a couple of music videos, “Seven Sins” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Scars” from the upcoming album.  StageShottz Magazine was honored to sit down with Raven and discuss the band.


StageShottz Magazine: For the fans that have not heard of Raven Black can you tell me a little about the band?

Raven: We are a Dark Metal Carnival – theatrical metal band consisting of Raven (half human/half-doll), the Doctor (voodoo black magic doctor), Muppet (the demon) and Stitches (the gatekeeper).

We travel the world looking for those whom wish to experience the 13th hour where we reside in our world of dark fun calamity. A carnival of dark heavy music where we encourage everyone to have fun and be who they really are from the inside out.

SSM: The band is a really cool concept.  Tell me a bit about the history of the band.

Raven: Muppet and I started the band in 2012 with my vision of a dark metal theatrical concept. This would allow me to express my passion for all my favorite things and not leave out anything that I love about the arts, theatre, dance and music.  Our first line up did not believe in the same vision, so we had to change the band members in our 3rd year. It was difficult, but I truly wanted my vision to be expressed and so Muppet and I found the Doctor and Stitches and we finally after 2 years of writing, were able to come out to the world and share what we have created.

SSM: Tell me about the writing and recording of your debut album “Seven Sins”.

Raven: We took a 2-year hiatus to write every day in our home studio. Ulrich Wild, our Producer, guided us throughout the process for the past 4 years. We took our time writing and really tried to nail down our unique sound as a band. He would tell us to write and write and he would tell me he did not want to influence any of the organic creativity until we were ready for recording.

After writing over 200 songs in 2 years, we decided we needed his opinion on the 13 songs we selected from our catalogue. I also wanted to tell a story in the first release and introduce “Raven”.

There are so many songs we have sitting on the shelf, but we feel it is very important that every song we release has our unique sound to it. Best described as “dark, quirky and heavy”. Every song has to pass my personal “Connection” test. LOL. This means, to me, that I have an emotional connection to the music and the lyrics to deliver to our listeners. It allows me to connect with the fans. Without this, the song is no good to me and we continue to work on it or write another song.

After 2 years, we finally sat with Ulrich and made the finishing touches to the 7 songs we selected for the EP, “Seven Sins”.  There is a significance to the numbers “7” and “13”, as they reflect some deep personal experiences in my life at ages 7 and 13. We will release more details about these two numbers in the upcoming albums, videos and comic book in the future.

SSM: You just finished your Hex O’Clock Tour, how was the tour?

Raven: The tour was amazing. We set out with a little fear with the cities and states we have never been to in the past. “No one knows of us” in these areas, but we were pleasantly surprised with the turnouts. There were probably only two shows on the tour where we had really low attendance.

There just wasn’t enough promotion of these shows. We did however, still make new fans and played a great show and met some really awesome people.

The tour was overall, a success for us. We are so thankful for all those people who supported us throughout this tour. Without them, we would have played to empty rooms. I am surprised at how much support we received from many of the local bands in some areas. They are colleagues and fans alike. It’s amazing some of the talent we have seen on this tour. We have made some very amazing friendships and some of the venues, promoters and crews we met, are going to be a part of us as we continue to tour.

SSM: What’s next for Raven Black?

Raven: We are touring again this Fall 2018 in November through early December with a bigger band. Very excited about it, but we cannot announce it until the headliner band announces. All I can say is we are ecstatic about this next one. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Early 2018, we will most likely get back in the studio to record again and possibly a music video for “Blackening” or “13”, some of our fan favorites. One of the new songs we wrote, “Doll House” and “Break the Box” may also have a lyric/animated video release. No promises, but we are going to try.

SSM: If you could sit down with one person living or dead from any genre of music and pick their brain, who would it be and why?

Raven: I’d choose Prince. He is legendary, and I was privileged enough to work with him a bit and he is just a truly beautiful person and so brilliant.

SSM: Anything else you want the fans to know about Raven Black?

Raven: We want you to be a part of us.

The 13th Hour invites you to experience our Dark Metal Carnival.

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