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Weston Horn and The Hush

By • Jun 21st, 2017 • Category: Feature Articles

Article by Jennifer Reid Morris

As time and music evolve, emotion to it can do the same. Weston Horn and The Hush have perfected the art of creating timeless music and ensuring your connection to it.

Citing this band as “the biggest blessing I have ever had in my life” singer/songwriter Weston Horn found himself amongst some of the most accomplished musicians Tulsa has to offer. He says “when I thought of a dream team, I literally got all of them.”  He began comprising his team by supporting them at individual local shows. “I would go to all of their shows and I would buy drinks and just slowly but surely wormed my way into their hearts!” Horn started at the top. Mat Donaldson, a decidedly respected drummer and the owner of the immensely successful shop Drum World is a staple in the Tulsa music scene. He would visit the store and play his songs for Donaldson on acoustic. He says, “He believed in me and my songs enough to start the band with me.” Donaldson adds “we are at a place where if I wouldn’t have you at my house for a cheeseburger, then I probably don’t want to play on stage with you either!” And so it began.

To complete the rhythm section they approached bassist Steve Snyder. Horn claims, “If you are a musician in this town, you know of Steve. He is one of the most requested and sought after bass players.” Nicknamed “Bacon” because he makes everything better, Snyder has made The Hush his priority and for that Weston says he is grateful.

One of the most recent additions and a final piece to the core of the band is guitarist Barrett Lewis. Meeting seven years prior at a private song writer circle, it wasn’t until Weston and Mat were out bar hopping that they came across The Barrett Lewis Band. It took one song and one glance to each another to solidify their thought. Barrett was their guy. A brief discussion after a set was all it took to become complete. Lewis states, “He asked if I would join and I said absolutely. I was honored.”

Growing up with favorites from Billy Preston to Stevie Wonder, Huey Lewis and The News to John Mellencamp and on to Bruno Mars, Horn digs music that makes him happy. That influenced him to get into music to make people happy. “I know there are a lot of artists that say that got into music for themselves and that even if no one ever heard their music, they didn’t care. I am not that artist.” Attending his brothers SKA band performances he would watch people dance until they almost passed out and knew that was what he wanted his music to do. The best way to accomplish this? Add a horn section.

The album, simply titled Weston Horn and The Hush Volume 1, was beginning to come together and Weston was on the hunt for the horns. He found them in Drew Thomas, Alan Sandoval, and Nathan Hairston. He says, “After meeting with over booked musician to over booked musician I got the idea to reach out to a professor at Tulsa University.”  Horn continues “he gave me the number of one of his most promising students. I called and said “if you want to join a rock and roll band, call this number back.” Another core complete. Or was it?

Craig Seiler, another musician friend of Weston’s expressed interest in joining the band and had a lot to offer. Keys, baritone sax, guitar and percussion. Collectively they said yes and the chemistry was instant. Seiler believes it comes from “the camaraderie, the cool hang.” Donaldson seconds with “we have all played with a lot of different bands and musicians. With these guys, it’s all about the hang factor.”

Now that he had his team in place, Weston Horn could concentrate on the completion of their music. Although he is the songwriter, he encourages the band to bring their ideas and spins to the mix. “I take a lot of pride in trying to write really diverse sounds. I told myself that my album would have very unique and distinctive sounds on each song. I think we really attained that.” Recording at Dockside studios in Maurice, LA with the likes of BB King, Jonny Lang, Marc Broussard and Tedeschi Trucks Band Horn says “we chose that studio to capture a live and authentic sound and we are really excited that we achieved that.”  And what an intriguing sound it is.

The 11 song compilation that is Volume 1 is full of funk, heart, soul, passion, blood, sweat and tears. Described relevantly as if the Foo Fighters and Blues Brothers had a baby, the music wraps its arms around you and holds on tight as you are now in for a joy ride. A big band vibe with edgy riffs and vocals include tracks like She Had It All.  Opening with Horn charmingly accenting his falsetto it quickly rips into an energetic flow that instantly brings you to your feet. And  Just Can’t Stop. A rapid pace jovial tune reminiscent of one kids may have played in a soda shop back in the day. Additionally, it’s packed full of enough rock to keep it competitive in today’s musical market. Perhaps this is why it was chosen as the band’s first video release. Centered around the iconic Arnold’s Hamburgers in Sand Springs, OK it was lifelong dream becoming a reality. Horn says, “I have been going to Arnold’s for 20 plus years now and with my influences and style it just seemed like the perfect location.” The self-proclaimed control freak had the entire concept story boarded and detailed before he told anyone about it. He enlisted the help of videographer Dante Schmitz, a fellow musician, and the story came to fruition. “He gave me lots of pointers and stepped up when needed. He was also cool with my control freak personality and I could not be more proud of it.”

On June 23, Volume 1 will be released and will be accompanied by a red carpet release party. With the initial thought of having a “thank you” party for all of the ones who have so faithfully supported the project, they decided instead to make them “feel like the most important people in Tulsa for a night.” Weston states “we are dropping some time, money and magic into this night.” A professional photographer will be on hand to capture all of the red carpet moments. 90 VIP guests will be seated at private tables and given a copy of the masterpiece, with an additional 200 guests able to purchase it. The evening will begin with local artist Casii Stephan whom Weston calls “brilliant” opening the show. The presentation and performance of the cd to the most sincere of their fan base will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable of their lives.

Knowing that life’s a journey and not a destination, Weston Horn and The Hush have no plans of putting on the brakes. A magnitude of talent, genuine compassion for the art, respect for all of music’s offerings and understanding as Weston says that “musical ability can be perfected and learned, but character is harder to achieve” sets them high above the bar set with today’s expectations.  Humble hearts set them apart.

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