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Craig Wayne Boyd – Interview

By • Jun 11th, 2017 • Category: Artist Interviews

Article by William Simpson

Shows like The Voice and American Idol have given us some memorable moments and some very good musical talent.  Season seven of The Voice saw a surprise in country artist Craig Wayne Boyd win the competition.  Boyd has been through a lot since then but he is ready to bring new music to world.

Moving to Nashville at the age of 25 was a challenge for Craig Wayne Boyd but one he accepted so he could make his dreams come true.  Boyd spend the next several years writing songs and touring, even opening for the likes of Jamey Johnson and Randy Houser.  Boyd loves what he does whether he is playing for a few people or thousands of people in the audience.  Boyd describes one early show in a way only he can, “I was playing a show in Florida and the only person in the bar left to go get some cigarettes.   When she left, I looked around and there was no one in the bar so what did I do?  I kept right on playing.”

Boyd got selected to participate on season seven of the voice.  He chose Team Blake Shelton before getting cut and then saved by Team Gwen Stefani, who in turn cut him which allowed original coach Blake to pick him back up and he rode Boyd to the championship.  Boyd make some good friends and it also allowed him a different perspective and path to national recognition than most artists get.  Boyd explained, “The first thing you here from most new artists is their music on the radio and you have no idea what they look like.  Because of The Voice, the first thing you saw of me was what I looked like.  Now it’s time to hear the new music.  So, it was a little backwards for me.”

Spending over 250 days on the road each year, Boyd said one of the biggest benefits of winning The Voice is “More people come to my shows now.”  Being on the road that much also affects your studio time and Boyd has not put out a record since “The Voice: The Complete Season 7 Collection” shortly after he victory.  But that is about to change, Boyd has been working on a new record that he has put his heart and soul in and is extremely excited about.  Boyd said, “I even have a horn section now and they play on most of the songs on the new album.”  The new album will be released in early fall and Boyd is champing at the bits to get the new music in the hands of his fans.

Living in Nashville and winning The Voice has afforded Boyd the chance to meet many of his idols and peers but the one person he would have liked to talk was, “Elvis.  He did his own thing and I would like to talk to him about how he handled the record industry and did it his way and got to the level he did”, stated Boyd.

Craig Wayne Boyd has had a lot of success in his past but he has an even brighter future.  With his new album coming out the sky is the limit for Boyd.  He wants his fans to know he appreciates them and their support and wants everyone to pick up the new album once it comes out and get to his show to see the new horn section and hear the new songs.

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