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Tom Keifer Ain’t Nobody’s Fool

By • Jun 3rd, 2017 • Category: Live Show Reviews

Article by Jennifer Reid Morris

The Cinderella front man with a legendary voice Tom Keifer made a stop in Tulsa. Selling out the IDL Ballroom, an anxious crowd awaited.

Beginning the night was local Tulsa favorites Rocket Science. One element setting this band apart is the stellar playings of lead guitarist Janna Jordan Squires. She is backed by the charismatic antics of vocalist Scott Squires, the rhythmic bass tunes of Mark Borman, and the paramount beats of Jeff Williams on drums. Together, they set the stage and energized the crowd for what was on tap.

KMOD personality Lynn Hernandez as well as VH 1 and Sirius XM radio host Eddie Trunk took to the stage to introduce Tom Keifer. They both agree he sounds better than he ever has, and confirmed vocal exercises were in session. They promised the show would solidify their comments.

The lights went dark and the crowd went crazy. As the band began to take the stage Keifer instantly grabbed his Gibson and tore into “Still Climbing.” The set was already sizzling. It continued through two additional Cinderella songs “Somebody Save Me,” and “Last Mile.” So far Hernandez and Trunk were right. He sounded better than ever, and that was just the warm up.

As the show continued it became evident that Keifer embodies what an artist should. He transports himself to another level of focus, but is still connected to his audience. He can elevate his guitar tones from a blues based riff, to a distorted crunchy bar, and on to a dominant shredding solo seamlessly. It’s effortless to appreciate and leaves you begging for more.

Keifer’s tender side was now on display with the ballad medley. He sat down at a piano and expeditiously became a husband. As he introduced “Thick and Thin” he explained how it was written for his wife, Savannah. As a backup vocalist for his band, she joined him at the piano to duet in the song just for her. As the last key was played, the intro to “Don’t Know What You Got” softly began. Starting out sensitively the song reached the second verse. It soon turned into the powerful rock anthem we grew to know and love as his growling vocals accented the romance in his tone. The temperament remained the same as “Nobody’s Fool” followed. The crowd was now the one in full focus.

After a few additional Cinderella songs including “Night Songs,” and “Coming Home” the set ended with “Shelter Me.” Blowing kisses to his crowd, he thanked Tulsa for always being so welcoming and promised to be back soon. He kept his word.

Paying tribute to 3 of his idols, the encore began with the Rolling Stones “Tumbling Dice.” Keifer channels his inner Mick Jagger with articulating words in the definition of his mouth as well as with stances. He then transitioned into Joe Cocker’s “With A Little Help From My Friends.” Between the chemistry of the band, the connection with the song, the harmonies of the back up singers, and the scream in the bridge bringing him to his knees, this was the greatest of the encore selections. The crowd was enveloped and the goosebumps were a plenty. His last tribute went to the great David Bowie with his rendition of “Space Oddity.” As he continued to point to the heavens above, you could feel his pain of the legend being gone.

Wrapping the set was a defining Cinderella tune “Gypsy Road.” Smiling at the crowd, Tom Keifer knew he had done his job. He gave his fans what they wanted. A night full of memories, insight, and complete satisfaction.

The tour continues through November and a deluxe album will be released later this year. Do yourself a favor, don’t miss either one.

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