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September Morning – Interview

By • May 30th, 2017 • Category: Artist Interviews

Interview by William Simpson

September Morning is a transmedia dark culture project created by Emily Lazar who takes on the character of September.  StageShottz caught up with the beautiful September as she was undressing after her show at the Warehouse in Clarksville, TN.  Calm down, calm dawn, it was only her costume.  Check out the interview below with this interesting woman and her amazing band.

StageShottz Magazine: A lot of people do concept albums but your whole band and project is a concept.  How did this idea come about?

September Morning: Well I wanted to do a concept project instead of concept album and I wanted to do something based on comics, I love comics, huge comic book nerd.  I had an idea for a story line and then with the internet and social media seemed like the perfect platforms to develop the story online and really tell the story through visuals and music.  I based it around a really strong story line that can be told across various platforms.  I met Marc Silvestri and it all developed from there.  He’s one of the biggest comic book creator, you know he’s up there with Stan Lee.  He’s a very cool guy.

SSM: Are your lyrics to your songs based on your life personally or are they completely created with the story line in the front of your mind?

SM: They all have something to do with the story.  There are emotions that are being portrayed through the story line.  Its definitely what September is feeling or what’s going on in the story line, it definitely has something to do with that but you can also take it out of context and just listen to the music.  So, if you like the story you can read the comics and listen to the music and be in the whole world.  If you just like the music it stands alone.  We wanted to do something that worked both ways.

SSM: You released your latest album last year, “Volume II”.  How does that differ your previous album musically?

SM: “Volume 1” was our first album and it was only an EP so this is our first full length album we have put out.  This is like the first trajectory into the sound we are going for.  I think it’s an interesting conceptual sound that needs to be developed more and we can wait to get back into the studio to develop it more.

SSM: What is your favorite part of this tour?

SM: Just being on stage.  I just like being on stage and I think you can tell when you watch me preform.  I’m very comfortable up there.  I can do whatever the fuck I feel like, excuse my language.  I’m more comfortable on stage than I am in real life.  I feel like I live there better.  I like the character and I like the story.  I come from a theatrical background so it’s a lot of that.  I try to make it different but with a purpose.  The theatrics, the costuming, everything has a purpose.  It’s not just doing it to sell a record.  Its doing because we have a purpose with our story.  That’s what makes it different from a lot of other theatrical shows.

SSM: If you were able to sit down with someone from any genre of music, living or dead, and pick their brain, who would it be and why?

SM: I’d like to talk to Mutt Lange a little bit.  I would like to talk to Siouxsie from Siouxsie and the Banshees.  She’s pretty awesome in what she did back in the day.  My parents loved her.  Annie Lennox is a big idol of mine as a songwriter and singer.  She had an influence on my childhood, growing up I listened to a lot of her.  Kurt Cobain was awesome, I loved his writing.  Chris Cornell, God rest his soul.  Prince would be really cool.  It’s crazy how many people we are losing.

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