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Rocklahoma Day 2

By • May 28th, 2017 • Category: Festivals, Live Show Reviews

Article by Jennifer Reid Morris

Opening the River Spirit stage and heading East for their first appearance at Rocklahoma was Tempe’s own DED. Although new to the festival, the quartet is not new to the music scene. After leaving Epic records, and making a few name changes they have earned touring dates with Korn and Stone Sour. Hailed by many in the crowd as the best band they had seen yet, DED left a lasting impression.

The wind picked up, the clouds moved in and it was time to fuel some energy.

Fuel, led by only remaining original member Brett Scallions were up next on the main stage. The sound engineer was faced with quite a battle in balancing the wind and clear tunes. Through it all, Scallions was as rugged and rich as he always was and soared through favorites like “Bad Day,” “Shimmer,” and “Hemorrhage.”

Hailing from England and up next on the River Spirit stage was Dinosaur Pile Up. The name was the brainstorm of lead vocalist/guitarist Matt Bigland. After watching a scene in King Kong he calls “ridiculous” of injured dinosaurs piling up, he was bound and determined to form a band with the title. In 2007 it became reality. Bringing a little grunge back to ROK, the trio bridged the day seamlessley.

Honoring his mentor, Zakk Wylde took the main stage next as Zakk Sabbath. In full on Ozzy mode he blazed through favorites like “Supernaut,” and “Snowblind,” but was interrupted during “Fairies Wear Boots.” The meteorologist backstage had detected rain, damaging winds, and lightning in the area and evacuated the grounds immediately. All were unhappy, but all followed direction.

After torrential rain, rotation and damaging lightning, the ROK officials finally called the show off at 11:00 p.m. Stone Sour, Live, and Suicidal Tendencies were among the remaining acts left unable to perform. A disappointing ending to a promising day.

I can’t help but think of the 3 Little Bears scenario with Rocklahoma this year. Friday was way too hot. Saturday was way too wet. Would Sunday be just right?





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