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September Morning Reaps Souls in Clarksville, TN

By • May 26th, 2017 • Category: Feature Articles

Review by William Simpson

September Morning appeared at The Warehouse in Clarksville, TN on May 24 to reap souls and give second chances and by the end of the night she had collected every soul in the house.  It was not the largest crowd the band has played in front of but those in attendance were witness to a show hey will not soon forget.

September Morning is the brain child of Emily Lazar who was wanted to explore her more creative side in an unusual medium.  Lazar created the character of September, a human hybrid reaper who gives second chances to those she deems worthy.  With the assistance of legendary comic creator Marc Silvestri, they turned Lazar’s vision first into a comic, then into a band and theatrical stage show.

Through a wall of smoke the beautiful September, along with her fellow bandmates/reapers guitarists Riven and Wraith and drummer Stitch emerge and the air definitely has the feel that you are in the presence of reapers.  Between each song is a nicely laid out video of the comic with narration to help drive to the next musical point on the story.

Every move on stage by September and the band has a meaning to the story and Septembers stage presence and vocals gave the feel of being at the theatre.  The songs are very good musically and technically and can stand on their own but add in the theatrics and a really good rock show turned into a really great rock show.  To me, the show had the feel of a mid 80s dark Alice Cooper show.

September Morning released their full album, “Volume II”, last year.  It has a great collection of songs that are very enjoyable to listen to on your CD player without the theatrics of the show.  They also have their comic out that you can pick up.  Make sure you go get your soul reaped next time September Morning comes through your town.  I know I will be there next time they come through mine.

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