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Richie Kotzen Salts Nashville

By • May 24th, 2017 • Category: Live Show Reviews

Review by William Simpson

Guitarist extraordinaire, Richie Kotzen released his 21st solo album, “Salting Earth”, last month and has now embarked on a world tour to spread his new music to the masses.  The new music has the amazing guitar solo’s and that voice that we have come to expect from a Kotzen solo album.  But it also has a raw almost vulnerable feel that was not present in his previous recordings.  Kotzen produced, engineered, and played all instruments on the album proving you don’t necessarily need a band to make an album if you have the talent, and Kotzen has talent in spades.  He did add Julia Lage for background vocals on “Make It Easy”.

Kotzen brought his Salting Earth Tour through the City Winery in Nashville for a very intimate affair.  When watching Kotzen do his thing the only word that comes to mind in Maestro.  His vocal range can hit all the notes, his guitar work is phenomenal, and he even plays the keyboard with the best of them.  Watching Kotzen you can tell that the music radiates from deep in his soul and explodes out with passion.  Kotzen reminds me a lot vocally and spiritually of Freddie Mercury in the way that as the concert progresses you can tell his is not in control anymore and the music has taken him over.

The show began with Kotzen stepping out on stage sporting a new short haircut and leading into “End of Earth” from “Salting Earth”.  He played half a dozen of his new songs to the great appreciation of the audience mixed in with a number of his fan favorites, such as “Socialite” and “Love Is Blind”.  Speaking of his new material, Kotzen really set the bar high with “Meds” and got a standing ovation for “My Rock”.

It has often puzzled me why Kotzen has never received the level of radio play or mainstream acceptance that his enormous talent demands.  If you want to see and great show with amazing songs and a man that has the music pulsing through his body, Richie Kotzens Salting Earth Tour is the show of the year for you.

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