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Kiss Was Made For Loving Tulsa

By • Feb 24th, 2017 • Category: Live Show Reviews

Article by Jennifer Reid Morris

The biggest show to ever hit The Joint at Hard Rock Tulsa stage occurred on February 22, 2017. We wanted the best, and we got the best! KISS was in the house.

Three “firsts” occurred during this show:

  1. The 2700 seat arena was overflowing with fans, but not one seat was filled. The entire crowd stood the entire time.
  2. Pyro, although on a smaller scale lit up the stage.
  3. And Paul Stanley, in a moment of gratitude to our soldiers, led the audience in The Pledge of Allegiance.

Still rocking for more than 4 decades, their fan base is ever growing. While outlining shows of yesteryear, KISS continues to individualize each and every performance. The classics like “Deuce,” “Detroit Rock City,” “Black Diamond,” and “Rock and Roll All Night” remain relevant and crowd pleasers. Gene Simmons spitting blood, and Tommy Thayer shooting fire from the headstock of his Spaceman Les Paul Standard, trigger a rage in their audience. Eric Singer proves he’s a drum boss with impactive fills and solos. And of course, Paul Stanley keeps the ladies yearning with his ruby red lips and well defined chest.

With all the talk of a possible reunion with Ace and Peter flooding the news feeds, this rendition of KISS is tight. Tight in their music. Tight in their performance. Tight in their chemistry. This KISS can’t be topped.


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