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Gemini Syndrome Rocks Denver

By • Feb 6th, 2017 • Category: Live Show Reviews

Article by Laura Anderson

The Marquis Theater is a very intimate venue located in Denver Colorado, where we, as fans, get to enjoy some of our favorite bands up close and personal. We appreciate the bands who come here, and allow us to see a different part of them outside of the large, miles away venues. We can feel their breath as they spit, scream and growl their lyrics on us ferocious fans! Gemini Syndrome let us take an even deeper look into their music with a private interview before the show. Meeting with Aaron Nordstrom (Lead Vocals) and Brian Steele Medina (Drums) was a very enlightening experience. They prove that their music goes so much further than just creating something that they think their fans will like, they have put their hearts, their souls into this project long before Gemini Syndrome ever started, and that all things generate full circle. Their music is beautiful, raw, some may even call it esoteric. The story behind Gemini Syndrome, makes it that much more alluring.

There is a deep meaning behind what you are hearing in those heart pounding drums and fierce vocals. Isn’t that why we love music so much? We can relate to it, in one way or another? It’s what makes our emotions run wild, provokes sensuality, releases anger. Gemini Syndrome brings it all. Gemini Syndrome refers many times in their lyrics to the “enemy.” I wanted to know, who is this “enemy” that they are referring to? It must have some sort of significance since it is referenced several times throughout their lyrics. When I asked this question, Aaron and Brian both looked at each other, and then looked at me. “The enemy can be anything, the enemy can be yourself, it can be social conditioning, it can be the government, it can be religion. It really is anything that is there to divide us. Anything that is there to tear us apart from the way of the utopian order is the enemy.”

So many times, as fans, we hear prefabricated music. Music just to keep our ears tuned into the beat, without real cognition of what we are experiencing, what we are ingesting into our minds. Gemini Syndrome brings their music not just for raw beauty or the visionary flow, but a digestible message if you are willing to hear it. Aaron and Brian refer during the interview to when they wrote Zealot. “We were watching The Daily Show and they had a guest on who was an author of a book called Zealot. The segment that they had was just him talking about the radical religious extremism throughout the world and how it has generated from thousands of years ago, and how it has grown into this alga like substance that has and will affect everyone. We ended up ordering the book and during this time, this was also when the terrorist attacks started happening. Paris was being attacked. We had peers that were there, people that we knew that were directly affected by this. It all kind of happened together at the same time without even having that intention.”

If you are aware, you can really dig deeper and find a lot of meaning behind the songs of Gemini Syndrome and what they are speaking to you. This made me curious as to what their songwriting process is like. “We don’t write songs, we write albums, we jumped into the deep end of the pool. Brian moved into my house, we lived together and we wrote an entire album, that was our goal, and we did it. We had a concept, a direction. We would wake up and have coffee, work. Then we would have lunch and work some more.” Gemini Syndrome put full embodiment into this album, bringing parts of themselves into every piece of art they have given to their fans.

We all have our own dreams and aspirations; we all have our own “enemies.” We all have our own spiritual path, whatever that may be. Gemini Syndrome takes your thought process and bends it just a little. What are YOU doing as your part? What is your path? What are you doing to achieve this path? Will you be enlightened, or will you be bound by your own mindful limitations? Gemini Syndrome challenges your own set ways of thinking. That is, if you listen closely. Expect to hear and see more of Gemini Syndrome as they are making their way across the U.S. and when this tour is done, another one is about to be started. They are amazing live, and will NOT disappoint. There is just as much soul into their songwriting, as there is into their live performance. Check out Gemini Syndrome at for upcoming tour dates near you!

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