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The Seven Bridges Road Leads Straight to Tulsa

By • Jan 25th, 2017 • Category: Feature Articles

With the grand opening of the River Spirit Casino Resort comes Tulsa’s hottest new venue, Paradise Cove. With Paradise Cove comes Don Henley.

On January 19, Paradise Cove opened its doors for only the second time to welcome Don Henley and very special guest JD and The Straight Shot. Henley is becoming the grand master of debuting Tulsa venues as he and The Eagles opened the BOK Center back in 2008.

First to hit the stage was New York native Jim Dolan and his band The Straight Shot. Formed in 2005, they have toured with some of the greats including ZZ Top, Keith Urban, and The Allman Brothers. They define the new Americana sound and provided such in songs like “Midnight Run,” “I Know You Know I Know” and “Violet’s Song.” Dolan’s smooth, rich vocals are the impeccable accent to Marc Copley’s fluid strumming and Byron House’s rooted bass rhythms. An effective 40 minute set served as a great intro to the night’s headliner.

With an accapella performance of “Seven Bridges Road” opening the show, Henley and his ensemble of 16 set the tone for an emotional evening. Several anecdotes with personal thoughts into tracks like “The Last Resort” and “Sunset Grill” allowed the audience to glimpse a more jovial side of the legend. More inspirational words into tracks like “When I Stop Dreaming” and “It Don’t Matter to the Sun” allowed the crowd to understand his past. Raw, passionate emotion during tracks like “New York Minute,” and “Heart of The Matter” allowed them to see a more human side of Henley. It wasn’t until the second and final encore that he invited the audience to share in his spiritual side.

With a tribute to his band mate, his partner, his friend Glenn Frey he journeyed through two of the most powerful and classic Eagles ballads. “Wasted Time” a tune with deep ties to the inner most workings of your soul, embellishes you with memories of once having someone you can’t imagine life without and then having to. I’d imagine this would run parallel with his feelings toward the late Frey. And “Desperado.” The one that began their songwriting journey together. Standing, center, stage, in the spotlight, alone, you could feel Glen Frey’s presence. It was so compelling you could almost envision his silhouette standing, signing and harmonizing impeccably with his other half. Legendary status now has a new meaning.


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