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In The Whale – Interview

By • Sep 15th, 2016 • Category: Artist Interviews

Interview by Laura Anderson

StageShottz Magazine recently met up with In The Whale who is a native Colorado band and recently played the High Elevation Festival at Fiddler’s Green. In The Whale consists of Nate Valdez (Lead Vocals and Guitar), and Eric Riley (Drums and Vocals). The two met in college at the University of Northern Colorado. They were both playing in separate bands and they decided to eventually conjoin paths creating a new and unique sound.

Nate sings with a great alternative edge and a punk rock style. Nate grew up listening to the old school punk rock such as Dead Kennedy’s and Meat Puppets. Smashing Pumpkins was also a huge influence for him. When asked how him (Nate) and Eric have created a band with an old style edge and a punk rock sound, his response was, “Listening to the music I did growing up helped me learn that it was ok to write music that was hard or more mellow and still stay the same band. We are in the alternative rock genre with heavy punk rock undertones. I write the lyrics and general melody and then Eric brings the rest. I bring the skeleton, and he brings the meat.”

It is pretty amazing that having a two-man band can create the full fluid music that they do in, In The Whale. You would never imagine that they pull all this off with only two guys creating it all. I wondered if this poses any challenges for them. Nate says, “Making the music isn’t hard, the hard part is getting things done. There is only two of us to promote shows, whereas other bands may have four or five members to help do this. There is only two of us to unload gear, and get everything prepared for a show. There is also some great advantages to us being a two man band. When we are traveling, it’s perfect that there is only two of us, we have more room and space than anyone else!” Speaking of traveling, Nate and Eric are getting ready to travel to Europe on tour, which is pretty exciting. “This is the first time either of us have been to Europe. We are excited to know what this tour will bring and the places we will see.”

Another interesting thing to know about In The Whale is that Bill Stevenson from The Descendants helped record their latest EP. Does it get any more old school punk rock than that? Nate tells us how this came about, “We were really nervous about recording, we wanted to make sure that we were ready. We wanted to be good at knowing ourselves and how to record. Bill had just got out of surgery and we were nervous about asking him, but we did. He said yes, and we were so thankful that he made the time.” They also recorded right here in Fort Collins, Colorado!

Nate talked a bit about what touring has been like and how it has changed them. “We have definitely matured a lot during touring. It’s hard sometimes, being away for so long. You have to learn, not to sweat the small things and always move ahead in a positive way. When you are an entertainer, be excited. The day you start to lose that, well..that would just be hard to stomach. We love the songs so much, we want to make other people happy with our music.”

In The Whale is a phenomenal band who has brought the old school punk rock back to life in this time. They have an inspiring story, and an amazing energy about them that just makes you want to have a good time. When I first heard In The Whale, I was extremely impressed with their musical talents, even moreso impressed with their live performance at the High Elevation Festival. “High Elevation was really well put together, and it was a wonderful time,” says Nate.

Check out In The Whale’s new release “Quicksand”, that is due out on October 21st, 2016. Also, catch them on their North American Tour w You do NOT want to miss In The Whale, I promise!!

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