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Make America Rock Again Tour 2016

By • Aug 27th, 2016 • Category: Live Show Reviews

Article by Laura Anderson

Stageshottz got to meet up with some great bands at the Paramount Theater during the Make
America Rock Again Tour featuring some bands that carry some songs we all know and love.
Remember CrazyTown’s Butterfly? Well they came out on stage with a edgy energy that took
the whole audience by surprise playing some new and old favorites. We also got to hear Alien
Ant Farm’s, “Smooth Criminal,” which is always a great one you can’t help but bang your head
around too. The crowd had a great time as the interacted with some of the bands they grew up
loving, such as Tantric, and Saving Abel. Trapt came out with lights and smoke and got the
audience really geared up with a great performance, playing the longest set of the night. We
love the crunchy guitar sounds of Ty Fury and the vocals of Chris Taylor Brown mixing together.
By the time Saliva came out on stage the crowd was really feeling the energy of the night and
Saliva gave a killer performance. Lead vocalist, Bobby Amaru delivered his audience vocals that
make us love Saliva all over again, and Wayne Swinney power served his guitar to our ears.
Make America Rock Again was a great evening, and StageShottz was thrilled to be a part of it.
Check out the new release of Saliva’s album titled Love, Lies and Therapy. Also, don’t miss
Trapt’s new Release titled “DNA”, as neither will disappoint you!

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