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AEG’s Joe Litvag brings the High Elevation Festival to Denver on September 10

By • Aug 29th, 2016 • Category: Feature Articles

Article by Laura Anderson

We here at StageShottz got to catch up with Joe Litvag, Senior VP of AEG Live and talk with
him about the upcoming HIGH ELEVATION Festival September 10th at the beautiful Fiddlers
Green Amphitheatre. Speaking with Joe was a great honor and pleasure as we gear up for one
of Colorado’s best Rock lineup’s of the summer. High Elevation will be featuring some of our
most loved musicians, Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat, Ministry, Chevelle, Shaman’s Harvest,
PIerce The Veil to name just a few.

Speaking with Joe gave us a true insight to how this tour has been handpicked. High Elevation
was truly put together for the people, how much it really means to Joe, and how passionate he
really is about his career with AEG Live. “Every festival is it’s own living breathing thing, you
never take anything for granted. Every time we do a festival, it is a learning curve. Especially
with High Elevation because it is in its first year. We have an incredible team based in Colorado
and a great working relationship with the Colorado office. I am very proud of what we have
started here.” We asked Joe Litvag how he manages to always know what the people want,
how AEG caters their shows to their audience, young and old. “We listen! We listen to what the
people want, we pay attention to social media, we ask our audience at shows. We want to give
the people what they want to hear.” Joe also spoke about Ministry, “This is how Ministry came
about, there is a huge audience for Ministry in Colorado.” (YES, us Coloradans LOVE our
Ministry!) “The fans love Ministry, and we listened to what they wanted, and we knew how
meaningful it would be to the people of Colorado.” Joe tells us that every festival is special to
him, how lucky he feels to have had such success with other festivals such as Carolina
Rebellion, Rocklahoma, and Rock On The Range.

So how does he manage to keep all of these amazing festivals on top? First of all, we talked
about how the festivals appeal to all the ages. “Music brings families together, we can have two,
sometimes three generations of families there enjoying the festival together because we have
bands that will appeal to all of them. It is an amazing feeling to look out and see that. Parents
with their teenage kids, and sometimes the parents with their older parents as well. It really
means so much to me. It is exactly what we go for, the multigenerational experience.”

We here at StageShottz can only imagine how bombarded with requests Joe Litvag gets for these
festivals. What artists wouldn’t want to be showcased on such an amazing lineup?
So we asked Joe, what is it like being the person who has to decide who is on the roster and who isn’t,
for something like this? “When it comes to a new festival like High Elevation, the list of bands
who reached out to us was well near seventy five or more. You can’t say yes to everyone. We
only have a certain amount of slots and we have to decide who fits well with whom. We take it
as the ultimate compliment to have bands reach out to us. The more fresh we keep our
festivals, the more we have bands who want to stay and fans that want to stay.”

We got to know a little background of Joe Litvag, and how his successful career came about
with AEG Live. We always want to know how someone turns their passion into their career. “I
was a music lover since I was a kid. I played guitar, I had aspirations of being a rock star. I went
to college and I learned the business side of things and I learned how to work with the artists. I
love hard rock, the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s hard rock. It was my passion. I was lucky enough to work
with a lot of promoters right out of college and it just started growing from there.”

We couldn’t help but ask out of simple curiosity, what should we expect in the future years of
The High Elevation Festival? Joe’s response was, “LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD! Let us
get through this first year, and THEN we will start talking about the following years of High
Elevation!” Thank you Joe Litvag, and AEG Live for bringing us such an amazing festival!
The greatly anticipated High Elevation Festival takes place September 10th, 2016 at Fiddlers
Green Amphitheatre in Englewood, Colorado. Don’t miss out on this amazing lineup
created by Joe Litvag and the amazing team at AEG Live, after all they were all hand picked and put there
just for us fans!!

Bands Featured for High Elevation 2016
Avenged Sevenfold!
Pierce The Veil!
Killswitch Engage!
Animals As Leaders!
Texas Hippie Coalition!
The Amity Affliction!
Neck Deep!
Shaman’s Harvest!
Twelve Foot Ninja!
Colorado’s Favorite Local, Lola Black!

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