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Doll Skin – Interview

By • Aug 3rd, 2016 • Category: Artist Interviews

Interview by Laura Anderson

Have you ever imagined being a teenage metal rockstar? Well these girls are living it! Doll Skin
is a band, that if you haven’t heard yet.. You need to! These girls are bringing you, the 2016
version of The Runaways! We here at StageShottz got to speak with Sydney Dolezal the lead
singer of Doll Skin, and learn a little more about these stunning young ladies who are bringing a
new look and sound to the voice of female metal.

Doll Skin is no punk! They are young, bright and vivid and have played with bands such as
Hellyeah, OTEP and were discovered by David Ellefson of Megadeth. They were discovered by
David Ellefson at a local high school Battle of The Bands that his son was in attendance to. He
saw the talent their first year at the talent show, and wanted to see if these rock and roll girls
would still bring the same energy and sound the next following year. WELL, they DID and Doll
Skin was formed.

Sydney wants to be able to break the normal standards of what girls are looking up too. “Most of
the girls have pop stars to look to, we want to give them a new option. There isn’t a lot of
exposure for young women in the rock scene. We want to change that. We want our music to
reach as far as we can, showing that these girls can do this too. That it is not just, a male
dominated men’s club. We will not be discounted!”

Sydney talks of how their tour with OTEP came about, and says that at first they were worried
that their music wouldn’t compliment the tour, and that they would have a different fan base.
“Now we have evolved so much from being on tour with OTEP and have really found a new
calling. She (OTEP) has been great and we have gotten to know them, and have had a great
time on tour. OTEP really helped make our sound heavier, and having toured with HellYeah and
Escape the Fate has influenced us.” Sydney definitely gives credit to those around her who have
noticed and believed in Doll Skins’ musical abilities.

Sydney talks about future ventures and what we can expect from Doll Skin in the future. “We
are planning on creating a new album by the beginning of next year, and it will be much different
from our first album. We want to show our fans how much we have grown, how much our
content has changed. David Ellefson has been amazing as our manager and has helped us so
much, he is one of the most down to earth people and really gave us a great platform.”

Check out Doll Skin at for upcoming tour information near you, and
make sure you jump on the opportunity to listen to them, if you haven’t yet!

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