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Day 3 of 2016 Rocklahoma

By • May 30th, 2016 • Category: Festivals, Live Show Reviews

Article by Jennifer Reid

With the sun beating down and just a touch of grey in the sky, day 3 of Rocklahoma was ready to kick off!

Opening the second stage was Michigan’s own Citizen Zero. Ready to get the crowd going, vocalist Josh Mayle welcomed everyone to the grounds. Touring with festivals from coast to coast the four piece warmed up the weary crowd nicely, and displayed why they are on the fast track to the music scene.

For the second consecutive year Thousand Foot Krutch was added to the lineup. Being promoted from the second stage to the main stage was one they had earned. Gritty vocals with positive messages make this band a Rocklahoma favorite.

Next on the second stage was Second Chance. Only a few bands at the festival this year were led with female vocalist, and this one was one of the most powerful. Growling through a 30 minute, she gave any man on the grounds a run for their money.

A fresh sound with a familiar face newcomers Saint Asonia followed on the main stage. Vocalist and former Three Days Grace front man Adam Gontier returned to Rocklahoma after 7 years with his new band and catapulted the crowd into high gear. Cruising through tracks from their 2015 self-titled album he reverted a bit. He stated “we don’t do covers, but we will do songs I wrote from a long time ago.” With that top charting hits like “Animal I Have Become,” and “I Hate Everything About You” poured from the amps. Former fans followed along, and new fans followed suit.

The gray clouds then began to swirl and lightning lit up the sky. The grounds were immediately evacuated as a precautionary measure as memories of the 2014 Rocklahoma ran through our minds. But after a 2 hour and 15 minute delay, the grounds reopened and we picked up right where we left off.

Jumping right into their set and onto the second stage were 5 guys from Canada also known as The Glorious Sons. A grunge feel with a rock and roll delivery, these guys brought a message that sure to include a return invitation.

Wasting no time in between sets, the non Jack Russell version of Great White immediately took over the main stage. With new vocalist Terry IIous the classics were covered but the presence just isn’t the same. While the set was like a trip down memory lane, the feel was a little foreign.

The stages continued to move at record pace with another Canadian act Mystery up next on the second stage. Together more than 30 years the six piece covered songs from all six of their studio albums and were a great bridge for the legendary act to follow.

Wild man and Rocklahoma favorite Sebastian Bach returned to Rocklahoma after a 5 year hiatus. To a thunderous crowd he belted out “Slave To The Grind” as the opener. Obvious sound problems began to infuriate Bach as he called out the sound staff. He apologized to the undeterred crowd and followed with other Skid Row classics like “Piece of Me,” “Monkey Business,” and the ultimate love jam “I Remember You.” To wrap up his set, he needed some help and called on Steel Panther’s Michael Starr. Together they delivered “Youth Gone Wild” and the crowd went wild right along with them.

Migrating back to the second stage, Eleven Seven Music recording artists Escape The Fate took the stage. With a few lineup changes through the years, the band seems to be on track not only in their music but in their musical journey.

Rocklahoma alums Chevelle returned to the main stage once again. The Chicago based band always delivers a tight performance with just enough attitude to make you wonder. Are they mad at us or are they just that connected to the music? This performance ensured it is the latter.

The one and only Steel Panther who had been downgraded from the main stage pounced onto the second stage following. With such an intense performance from Chevelle, it was time to lighten up. The comedy and antics that are this band by far make them the most entertaining of the weekend. Unapologetic and subtly surly, you can’t help but giggle while rocking out! Led by Michael Starr and surrounded with Satchel, Lexi and Stix this band is a show all in itself.

Closing out not only the night, but the festival was Las Vegas bred Five Finger Death Punch. The die hards that endured the weekend had waited in anxious anticipation for this performance. FFDP did not disappoint. Sliding right into “Lift Me Up” the crowd was instantly smitten. The duration of the set remained the same as the band rumbled through tracks like “Never Enough,” “Bad Company,” and “Coming Down.” As the set finished they briefly exited the stage but returned promptly to an adoring crowd and wrapped up with “The Bleeding.” “House of The Rising Sun” was chosen as the outro and the adoring crowd had been given all they needed.

Even as 10 years have come and gone, one thing remains consistent. Rocklahoma has matured into one of the largest festivals this great country has ever seen. It provides the fuel fans need to embrace what lies ahead. Through blood, sweat, mud and tears, Rocklahoma has emerged victorious.

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