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Day 2 of 2016 Rocklahoma

By • May 29th, 2016 • Category: Festivals, Live Show Reviews

Article by Jennifer Reid

With open arms, a gorgeous sunny day welcomed the fans of Rocklahoma to day 2.

Wild Throne inaugurated the day on the second stage. Making their debut performance at the festival, they captured the attention of the crowd making their way through the gates with an energetic 30 minute set.

Returning act POD kicked off the mainstage for the day. Although it’s been a few years since they have performed, they were just the fuel the crowd needed to start off the day. Branded a Christian band, they were nothing short of hard hitting and powerful.

Hailing from Sweden, the heavy metal band Avatar was up next on the second stage. Vocalist Johannes Eckerstrom hidden behind a layer of gothic face paint led his band through an effective set that braced the crowd for who was to come.

The almighty Sevendust finally made their return to Rocklahoma and the main stage. Lajon Witherspoon with his signature dreads, Clint Lowery wearing his black hoodie, and Morgan Rose with his smooth yet spastic moves on the drums proved why they are still so relevant in music today. Even after 22 years together, the chemistry remains front and center.

Traveling east from Santa Barbara, CA death metal band Devil Driver took the second stage following.  With an already pumped up crowed, the band managed to catapult them into a musical frenzy. For the first time of the day, the second stage had almost as big a crowd as the main stage.

With frenzy still hanging in the air, the crowd eagerly made their way back to the main stage as Rocklahoma favorites Bullet For My Valentine took it over. BFMV has always attracted a younger audience as they themselves are young. However, on day 2 age had no bearing on their fan base.

As the sun was beginning to make its way west, the evening was upon us and the lineup was in front of us.

Hardcore punk band Hatebreed was next on the second stage. Covering songs from their collection of 7 studio albums including their newest release The Concrete Confessional, they allowed the audience to continue to ride the wave Bullet For My Valentine had started.

Taking a turn on the musical spectrum, 90’s legends Collective Soul were up on the main stage next. Led by vocalist Ed Roland, the band, dressed in all black travelled through time with hit after hit including “Where The River Flows,” “Gel,” “December,” and “Shine.” They took us back to a time when life was a little less hectic and a little less stressful. A journey we all needed.

Rocklahoma alums Texas Hippie Coalition returned to the second stage for the second time in three years. Big Dad Ritch assured the crowd he would take his time and “that no one was going to make him leave the stage before he was ready.” He kept his word and gave the crowd every hit they wanted, in his own time.

Back to the main stage and back to the 90’s 3 Doors Down greeted the crowd. Brad Arnold with a whole new line up brought the familiarity of the tunes with a more edgy sound. Favorites like “Kyrptonite,” and “Road I’m On” had new life. Future favorites from their latest release “Us And The Night” like “She Likes To Do It In The Dark” made the crowd remember why this band is so good. As they always do, they paid tribute to our men and women in uniform and thanked them for the freedoms we have today. “Here Without You” was dedicated to them and the crowd became just as thankful.

By far drawing the largest crowd of the night, returning favorites Hell Yeah took to the second stage next. Year after year this band seems to gain a larger audience. This constituted a larger stage set making the second stage a mini main stage. Vinny Paul sets and keeps the tone not only for his band but for his crowd as well. He is the main attraction.

And finally, what the crowd had been anticipating all day was upon us. The Scorpions had arrived.

Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine, Mathias Jabs commanded the stage from the moment they hit it. Mikkey D who was filling in on drums fell right into place. With age obviously not a factor, Meine belted through hit after hit like “Still Loving You,” “The Zoo,” and “No One Like You” “Winds of Change” and “Rock You Like a Hurricane” with ease. Schenker flew around the stage with his flying V’s, Jabs remained calm yet powerful with Mikkey D. almost stealing the show with his dominate drum solo. This performance was reminiscent of when Rocklahoma begin 10 years ago and was a nice reminder of why we all still attend.

Day 2 was said and done, and day 3 was on the way.

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