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John Anderson – Interview

By • Dec 20th, 2015 • Category: Artist Interviews

Interview by William Simpson

John Anderson has been a staple in country music for more than 30 years charting more than 40 singles and five number one’s, including the mega hit “Swingin’”.  Anderson is back with an amazing new album called “Goldmine” with some of his best work to date.  StageShottz Magazine had the honor and privilege to sit down with this legend and talk about his past, his new album, and his future.


StageShottz Magazine: Your latest album, “Goldmine”, was created with you in total control, how was that experience and how did it allow you to get YOUR music and message out?

John Anderson: Pretty much, yes.  You know it all starts with writing the songs.  We weren’t in any hurry so we were able to get quite a lot of pretty good songs written so when it came time to record we had a good choice of material.  We had just as many songs left over that didn’t make the record as ones that did, but hopefully they will be on a future record.  Then we were able to call in the player that I wanted to call, as I was the executive producer.  I produced it along with my buddy Joe Spivey who has been playing fiddle in the band for the past 28 years.  There again it was pretty much an in house thing and we knew what we wanted and went after it and I believe we got it.


SSM: You went from a country music star to a superstar overnight back in 1983 with the song “Swingin’”.  How did that change your life and what doors did it open for you?

JA: There was a huge difference in my life about that time and a lot of it was on account of “Swingin’” but a lot of it was just on the career that we had been building.  “Wild and Blue” was number one before “Swingin’” and “Black Sheep” was number one right after “Swingin’”.  We were on a pretty good roll right then and yeah those were some of the greatest times of my life.  And I’ll say this, it was a bit of a hurry, we were really working a lot and having an awful lot of fun all through that time too.  There again I look back and treasure those days even as wild as some of them were.


SSM: Over your years in the music business you and consistently put out good music and kept your music in the charts.  What is the secret to your longevity?

JA: For me I don’t think it’s any secret really, I’ve loved the music so much that I made a deal with the good Lord many years ago that if I could just pay my rent and buy groceries as long as I was playing music I would be happy.  I’ve kept that deal with him and he’s pretty much kept it with me.  It’s been a real blessing.


SSM: Like we discussed, you have had a long and very fruitful career, is there anything that you haven’t done or would like to do that would be somewhat of a feather in your musical cap?

JA: I can’t think of anything in particular but there are a lot of opportunities out there that will come up that we will be very pleased to do.  There are a lot of the new artists that some of them are expressing wanting to sing together.  Some of that may come together and turn into a whole new milestone for us.


SSM: Is there anything else that you would like the fans to know about John Anderson?

JA: I just want them to really know that it is the fans and their support that have kept me and my music going and alive for the last 40 years and indeed I owe all that to them.  And I do hope that I can continue to make music that they like.

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