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Every Hour Kills – Interview

By • Oct 18th, 2015 • Category: Artist Interviews

Interview by William Simpson

From the lands up north, Every Hour Kills is a hard hitting melodic metal band that makes their home in Calgary, Alberta.  The band consists of Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster on vocals, Sacha Laskow on guitar, Rob Shawcross on drums, and Brent Stutsky on bass.  They have just released their debut self-titled EP and and is a must for any metalheads collection.  Even though Every Hour Kills is a new band, them members of the band are not new to the music industry coming together from a variety of bands that have tasted success.  They are poised to make their name know in the US after having established a solid fan base in their home country.  StageShottz talked to Laskow about the band while enjoying his humorous side.

StageShottz Magazine: For the fans that have not heard of Every Hour Kills, tell me a little about the band.

Sacha Laskow: We’re a hard workin bluegrass band from the south! All our instruments are made out of cardboard. (laughs)


SSM: How is the local metal scene in Calgary and what are you looking forward to the most when you tour the US?

SL: It’s EH-OK! Pretty small population-wise but the fans are awesome and there are some really talented bands. I’m looking forward to experiencing my first drive-by-shooting in the US.


SSM: You self-titled debut EP just came out, tell me about the about the album and your experience with the recording process with this being your first time recording with this new band.

SL: Well since I recorded everything my experience vacillated between moments of abject creative bliss and utter ball-breaking despair. As per usual.


SSM: I listened to a couple of your songs and they have a very nice fast melodic rhythm to them and I love the voice.  Where do you lyrics come from and what is your songwriting process.

SL: I generally write all the music and present a pretty fleshed-out demo to the band. We work on any tweaks and then Jerrod and I collaborate on the vocal melodies and the lyrics.


SSM: If you could sit down with anyone living or dead from any genre of music, who would it be and why?

SL: I’d be down with watching Jimi Hendrix participate in a gang bang.


SSM: Is there anything you want the fans to know about Every Hour Kills?

SL: We’re not the massive rock stars you think we are, we put out pants on one leg at a time and take giant poops like everyone else.

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