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By • Feb 4th, 2013 • Category: CD Reviews

Review by Stratman

Anybody ever heard of the band “LiveWire?” Me neither, but I am glad I have now. These guys hail from the Ozark Mountain region near Joplin, Mo. and have spent the last decade playing a lot of gigs on the road and, were finalists in the 2009 Colgate Country Showdown. This album will probably get them many more gigs (and better pay too).

Opening up the album is a tune called “Don’t Nothin’ Take My Breath”. It is a nice little dance number with good vocals and harmonies. The instruments work well together. It kinda reminds me a little of Big and Rich.” Don’t Make Me Love You” follows next and it too is a good dance song in the Southern Rock vein. Smooth vocals (Diamond Rio) with a cool guitar solo.

“Livin” is the first belly-rubbin’ tune on the CD. Check out those vocals. “Better” is a great ballad and one of my favorites on the album. I love the steel guitar and guitar solo. This is a dandy radio cut. The next tune, “Whiskey Sunday” has a great driving beat. Super steel guitar and vocal harmonies throughout make it one of my favs on the CD.

“I’ll Go To Prison” sounds a lot like a Blake Shelton tune (Ol’ Red). Again, the Southern Rock sound is apparent here. Another ballad, “History”, is next. It is a hold your woman close song. Andy’s vocals stand out on this one and I dig the fiddle too. “Lies” has a crunchy rock feel to it and I like the way this one rolls. The vocals, once again, sell the song.

“What Makes You A Man” is a very touching ballad. It tears at your heart and makes you think twice about your own life. The final cut on the CD, “Gone”, is a nice way to wrap up this offering. It is a rocker/dancer and could be on the radio soon. Well done guys.

The songs on the album are well chosen and well written (Nashville writer/singer Chris Young and Music Row’s 2012 Breakthrough Song Writer, Johnny Buford, as well as Eutsler and Bell). This is a very talented band musically and vocally. However, they sound a lot like many of the “cookie cutter” groups in Nashville today. The guest musicians on this album are fantastic, and it is well recorded and produced. I wish these guys the best and hope they make the big time and don’t get swallowed up by all the other clones. Great sound and album guys.

Rating: A-


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