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The Roys – “New Day Dawning”

By • Nov 19th, 2012 • Category: CD Reviews

Review by Stratman


     The Roys to me are a real breath of fresh air in the Bluegrass field. My extent of Bluegrass in the past was the Dillards aka the Darlins’ on Andy Griffith (I really like them). Now, I am listening to the Grascals, Ricky Skaggs and a few more, but I really like The Roys. The new album has really traditional sound, great harmonies, and takes us back to their early bluegrass roots. The duo is originally from New Brunswick, Canada, but sound as if they grew up just down the street from the Ryman. The new CD reflects on their growing up, and the people that helped shape their lives as we take a trip back in time through this collection of songs that puts a positive look on life.

      “New Day Dawning” is a great way to open the CD. It has a wonderful mandolin track, as well as a fiddle solo that I love. Elaine’s vocals are superb and Lee’s harmonies are excellent. It is well written and performed. This is a great cut. “Daddy To Me” allows Lee to tell the story of his father’s funeral, a fitting farewell to the man that will always be “Daddy”. It is a very emotionally powerful song and deserves radio airplay if there is any justice! By far, my favorite cut on the album.

      “Still Standing” is a really good toe-tappin’ song. Randy Kohrs, dobro specialist, adds his touch to this and several other tracks on the CD. His dobro work meshes well with the other instruments, especially the fiddle and mandolin solos. This song is a keeper. “Windin’ Roads” features Lee, and he excels on this tune. It’s the story of his return to his home after all these years as he reflects on the past. It is full of nice fiddle and banjo work as well as flawless vocal harmonies.

      “Grandpa’s Barn” takes us through Lee’s memories of his Grandpa and the fun they had around the old barn and his love and respect for the old gentleman. “Living Scrapbook is another family oriented story featuring well written lyrics and good vocals. The CD finishes up with “Fast As We Roll” and it’s a great finisher (only sorry there were just seven cuts on the album L).  Mr. Kohrs adds a wonderful touch to the song with some smooth dobro. I like this tune.

      As you will see and hear, this CD is all about family. Listen closely and you will be on the verge of a tear from time to time. I really like this group. The CD is filled with great musicians, well written and produced songs, and vocals out of this world. It is now time for you to do yourself a favor and go buy your own copy because I ain’t giving you mine! Get hooked on The Roys!!!!

 Rating: A+


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