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Amy Sciarretto – Interview

By • Aug 16th, 2011 • Category: Artist Interviews

Interview by Erick Lopez


In a business often seen as a male oriented industry, one would never guess that one of the most powerful and highly respected artist reps would be a petite powerhouse, I recently had the opportunity to slow down one of the hardest working people in the industry, Amy Sciarretto, to answer some questions and perhaps give some insight


StageShottz Magazine: What is your title?

Amy Sciarretto: Director of Publicity, Roadrunner Records


SSM: For those people not in the music business, what exactly is it that you do?

AS: I am the liaison between the media (print press, TV, blogs, online, video, etc) and artists. I pitch, secure, generate and facilitate coverage for the artists in these publications/outlets and manage requests from the media. It also involves solving problems, fixing crises, making sure the bands are properly and accurately represented.


SSM: How long have you been doing this? 

AS: Since 1995! (I started very early!) I also am a freelance writer, and have been published in major mags from Kerrang! to to Revolver to Alternative Press to Noisecreep to to Outburn to Decibel to Guitar World to to PopCrush to Taste of Country to Hails & Horns and more through the years. No, I don’t sleep!


SSM: Describe a normal day at work:

AS: It’s never normal and it’s always hectic. I live and die by email – I can manage 10 emails at once, along with IMs, whereas a phone call means I can only do one thing at that time. I manage and pitch tons of stuff via email, because it leaves a paper trail and I communicate best via written modes. Every day is different, but I normally get to work by 8 AM and leave by 7. I answer emails, pitch artists, manage a staff of interns, write press releases, and work with other departments at the company to create the best exposure for the band in the media!


SSM: Who would you like to work with?

AS: I am blessed to work with bands I love, throughout my career. Slipknot are some of my faves, as are Killswitch Engage. I’d love to work with Lady Gaga in some capacity. She is so inspiring and she’s Italian like me!


SSM: When not at work what do you do ? 

AS: Spend time with my dog, Higgins, an English bulldog. Attend lots of sports events (I have Phillies and Eagles season tix!), travel, go to yard sales, shop, decorate my house, and write a ton, since I have a second job. That’s what I do most. Writing is like breathing to me, very easy.


SSM: What is the best live concert you have been to?

AS: I have seen 2000+ in my life, can’t narrow it down anymore. I’ve tried. It changes daily, too!


SSM: Do you follow sports ?? any favs ??

AS: OF COURSE. Philadephia Phillies, Eagles, Flyers and Sixers! I grew up in South Jersey, 4 miles from South Philly, so I am a diehard fan, with season tix!


SSM: Who do you respect the most in your life?

AS: Anyone who has a sensitive heart.


SSM: If I were to look at your ipod, who would I find there?

AS: Lots of metal. Pantera, Hatebreed , Slayer, FAR. Lots of pop, too. Gaga, Joe Jonas, Amy Winehouse, Florence + The Machine.


SSM: What are you working on these days, is there anything you can share with us?

AS: I have five albums out in the last part of 2011: Trivium, Machine Head, Opeth, Dream Theater and Megadeth! That’s called an embarrassment of riches. I am so lucky to work with such amazing, brilliant and talented people.


SSM: Have I missed anything?  What is the Amy motto?

AS: Love what you do, fuck the rest.



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