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311 in Oklahoma City

By • Mar 1st, 2011 • Category: Live Show Reviews

3,11,3,11….. This is the chant that commanded the band 311 to the Diamond Ballroom stage on February 25, 2011. With only the soft glow of the green and blue hues of the stage lights, the band answered their calling.


Pouncing onto the stage, the bands devout presence was known, and energized the sold out crowd.  Beginning the set with favorites like “All Mixed Up” and “Jackpot” the pace of the show was set.  When the classic “Down” began, the room exploded into a frenzy and the reaction was deafening.  The audience, jumping in sync to every beat, receited the opening lyrics back to S.A. Martinez, and joined Nick Hexum in his vocals as he broke into the melody at precisely the right moment.  The band and crowd seemed to be equally impressed with each other’s performance.


Memories of long summer days were brought to the forefront of the mind when the band began performing fluently in their signature “reggae” sound with “Come Original”, and transitioning flawlessly to the romantic “Amber”.  The relaxation that mesmerized the crowd didn’t last long, as Chad Sexton took over the stage with an impeccable drum solo.  The band, in support of their phenomenal drummer, each brought a snare to the stage and accompanied Sexton in introducing “Beautiful Disaster”.  The intense pace had returned.


P-Nut decided Chad would not be the only member of the rhythm section to display talent.  Striking notes from his own model Warwick bass that were absorbed into the soul; he bridged the show together with the onset of “Creatures for a While”.  The crowd crossed that bridge by doing exactly what the song says to; “I wanna make a mess, I wanna blow off stress.  I wanna stoke the fire. Just creatures for a while.” This funky felt tune had the crowd emerging themselves in complete anarchy. 


Tim Mahoney kept time with his signature head bopping during “Flowing”, a musically upbeat, free spirited song, yet one that lyrically expands your mind.  His timing continued to “Transistor”, the song that characterizes the band and their outlook perfectly. The invitation to join the band in the “brotherhood” of this song wasn’t spoken, it was understood. Without hesitation, the crowd accepted, and for a moment, there was unity for all.  The show was wrapped up with an encore of “Love Song”, a cover of The Cure tune recorded for the film soundtrack “50 First Dates”.  With their version, 311 immersed themselves in the crowd’s soul. When the last note was reached, the released us back to ourselves, and in true gentleman fashion, said goodnight and gingerly sent us on our way.


311, a band that has kept all the original members since forming in Omaha, Nebraska in 1992, keeps music and the inspiration behind it alive. In a time where the authenticity of music is in question, there is a comfort in knowing that these roots stay planted.


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