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On April 26, 2018, the long awaited arrival of Judas Priest in Tulsa had come to an end. Joined by Black Star Riders and Saxon heavy metal was once again alive and well in Tulsa.

Opening the night was Black Star Riders fronted by Irishman Ricky Warwick. Clad in leather and bandanas he has taken on quite a different look. Led by guitarist Scott Gorham who originally joined the band (Thin Lizzy) in 1974, he surrounds himself with stellar musicians in Damon Johnson and Robbie Crane. They are dedicated to their new music and chose to only perform one Thin Lizzy song, Jailbreak. The set was rocking from beginning to end and Black Star Riders are easily ready to headline their own show.

The second opener of the night was the British band Saxon. Also formed in the 1970’s they were hailed as one of the leaders of new wave heavy metal. Vocalist Bif Byford has held on to his metal persona. His long hair, now white, played no hindrance in his ability to helicopter his head around while the white locks went flying. His sidekick and only other original member guitarist Paul Quinn was reserved but impressive. Shredding like he was still in his prime, he was a major character in the set.

After a short break and mishap with the stage curtain, Judas Priest was ready to roll. With yellow and red hues setting the stage, the incomparable Rob Halford stepped out. Beginning the night with their single “Firepower”, which also carries the name of the 2018 album, metal heads everywhere roared.  Dressed in a gold jacket, gold pants and sunglasses he wailed his way through the number. Bold and formidable it was the perfect introduction to his fans. They continued through the 16 song set with additional tracks from the newest release including “Lightning Strike,” and “Evil Never Dies,” which are listed back to back on the album. The current material echo’s vintage Priest and has resuscitated the metal world.

The classics were plentiful. Selections like “Turbo Lover,” “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin,” and “Painkiller” are always sure to please but a surprise in “Electric Eye” kept the audience engaged. As “Electric Eye” began to wind down, Halford disappeared. Suddenly, the grinding of a motorcycle radiated through the speakers. He re-emerged riding his beloved Harley as the band broke out into “Hell Bent For Leather.” The crowd went wild. The song wrapped, and he stood from his bike. He asked the audience “What do you want?” as the words “Painkiller” flashed on the screen. The response was deafening. After confirming they did in fact want the 1990 hit he cued his band to bring it loud. And they delivered.

With the exit of Glenn Tipton, people have wondered how the band would carry on and exactly how Tipton may be. The latter was answered during the encore as “Breaking The Law” initiated and the famed guitarist graced the stage. The wave of emotion that came over the crowd was touching. The welcomed him as warmly as metal heads know how, with thunderous applause. He led the band through the final 3 numbers that also included “Metal Gods,” and “Living After Midnight.” Slow, but steady he joined Halford for some choreographed moves at center stage and interacted with the audience continuously. No other ending could have brought the same effect. The surprise was a success.


Judas Priest/Saxon/Black Star Riders – Image Gallery http://stageshottz.com/?p=4198 Sun, 29 Apr 2018 04:01:13 +0000 http://stageshottz.com/?p=4198 Live performance photo’s of the Judas Priest/Saxon/Black Star Riders show at The BOK Center Tulsa, OK on April 26, 2018  by Jennifer Reid Morris.

You Oughta Know Alanis Morissette Is Still Going Strong http://stageshottz.com/?p=4190 Tue, 20 Mar 2018 16:25:00 +0000 http://stageshottz.com/?p=4190 The demand for Alanis Morissette is as great today as it was in the 90’s. In fact, an additional show had to be added to her appearance at The Joint at Hard Rock Tulsa in order to appease her fan base. 2 sold out shows in a matter of 3 days proved her worthiness in the music scene.

Joined with 2 guitarists, Morissette took a stripped down, more gentle approach to her set. 16 songs, all acoustic still had the same impact a full band would have. The power that is her voice stands isolated in her performance. Known for her mezzo-soprano range and unique articulation, the impossible has happened. She has enriched with age.

Through anecdotes of love, sadness, hurt, and babies she took her crowd on the journey she as been on for decades. The stories behind, “Rest,” “You Learn,” “Head Over Feet,” and “Ironic” gave an insight to her thoughts and mind set while creating the masterpieces. One of the most comedic stories was for “So Unsexy.” She explained, “I’ve never been a fan of tracks and in order to hit certain notes, you just have to look unsexy!”

The most dominant of the acoustic tracks was one of the closers “You Oughta Know.” The emotion that has always been associated with this song did not lack here. The raw anger and pain that first defined the hit was felt in her delivery. The audience allowed her to consume them.

Alanis Morissette will be touring the US through spring and will begin an overseas tour in June. Time is of the essence. The time is now.

Alanis Morissette – Image Gallery http://stageshottz.com/?p=4188 Tue, 20 Mar 2018 16:23:42 +0000 http://stageshottz.com/?p=4188 Live performance photo’s of the Alanis Morissette show at The Joint at Hard Rock Tulsa, OK on March 13, 2018  by Jennifer Reid Morris.

Thee Rock n Roll Residency brings the DEMON to Nashville http://stageshottz.com/?p=4194 Fri, 26 Jan 2018 16:30:25 +0000 http://stageshottz.com/?p=4194 It’s a staple in Nashville, every Tuesday night at Mercy Lounge, Thee Rock n Roll Residency rocks the house with special guests from the world of rock. Some of the guests that have joined Thee Rock n Roll Residency onstage include Alice Cooper, Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), Roger Glover (Deep Purple) among many others. On January 23, with the band playing to a packed Mercy Lounge, Gene Simmons of KISS walked onstage and played “Deuce” and “Shout it Out Loud”. Thee Rock N Roll Residency founders Jeremy Asbrock and Phillip Shouse along with local rock star Ryan Cook and drummer Brent Fitz, worked with Simmons to become Simmons backup band on his solo tour. Asbrock and Shouse are living a dream, they are huge KISS fans and even got to share the stage with Ace Frehley when Frehley joined Simmons on stage at one of Simmons shows. Asbrock and Shouse even have a band named Blonder Than Hell and they don the makup and play a KISS tribute called Kissmas in Nashville every December.

Along with Simmons, Raelyn Nelson (Willie’s talented granddaughter) and Chuck Garric (Alice Cooper’s Band) spent time on the stage with some of the normal weekly characters such as Greg Mangus, Matt Farley, Danilo Lopez.

If you have not been up to the Mercy Lounge and caught a Thee Rock n Roll Residency show its time you did show up.

Richard Marx and Rick Springfield – Image Gallery http://stageshottz.com/?p=4173 Fri, 13 Oct 2017 02:55:15 +0000 http://stageshottz.com/?p=4173 Live performance photo’s of the Richard Marx and Rick Springfield show at The Joint at Hard Rock Tulsa, OK on October 8, 2017  by Jennifer Reid Morris.

Richard Marx and Rick Springfield: One Night Only http://stageshottz.com/?p=4163 Fri, 13 Oct 2017 02:36:53 +0000 http://stageshottz.com/?p=4163 Article by Jennifer Reid Morris

Bringing their acoustic show to The Joint at Hard Rock Tulsa on October 8, 2017 Richard Marx and Rick Springfield lite up a Sunday night in a laid back, casual atmosphere.

As Richard Marx put it, “tonight you get two Dicks. I’ve always thought, if you have more than one dick, it’s better to be the first dick! So here I am!” As he continued through the set with comical one liners, stories from his past, loving stories of his children and a devilish smile that can still melt the hearts of women everywhere, he proved he is a one man show. His guitars, his voice, his classics and standing solo is all he needed to keep the crowd completely entertained. The absence of a full band was not even present.  

After a brief intermission, Rick Springfield gingerly took the stage to a welcoming crowd. He explained he would not be playing guitar as he had pulled some tendons in arm and was joined by on stage by a band member who took up acoustic duties. Performing a short set of classics, he displayed his emotional side with stories of his parents and inspiration for songs like “My Father’s Chair.” With both now gone, it’s obvious his affection for them is abundant still. With lots of energy and prestine tambourine skills, he delivered an overall jovial, solid performance.

A very intimate show, a very reminiscent night. 

MADAME MAYHEM TO UNLEASH ‘READY FOR ME’ THIS FALL AND ANNOUNCES EUROPEAN TOUR DATES WITH FOZZY http://stageshottz.com/?p=4153 Fri, 29 Sep 2017 18:55:56 +0000 http://stageshottz.com/?p=4153 Madame Mayhem is a true rocker with an eclectic style in every aspect of life – merging theatricality with hard-hitting, rocking tunes. And on October 20, 2017, she will be unveiling a brand new album, ‘Ready for Me’ (via Metalville label in the UK and Europe, and HeadBall Records in the US). The just-completed album features a powerhouse team of rock talent, including producer Corey Lowery (Saint Asonia), Clint Lowery (Sevendust), Troy McLawhorn (Evanescence), and both Bevan Davies and Ryan Bennett (Madame Mayhem) on drums.

Youtube link for album teaser here: https://youtu.be/pGcS0y6Zris
“All the songs on this album are super personal to me,” explains Mayhem. “About my frustrations, trying to get through the rough times, my anxieties and insecurities, some messed up stuff that has happened to me along the way, relationship devastation, you name it. I noticed it only afterwards that audiences are really getting ‘the dirt’ on me through this album. I was super honest, vulnerable, and didn’t hold back during the writing process of these songs. Corey Lowery and I are a great team because he makes me feel comfortable to spill my guts during writing sessions, and during recordings, to re live these situations I am writing about so whoever is listening gets all of what we wanted to give.
And it turns out the album’s first single/video is the perfect intro to the album – a song titled “All Around the World.”
“All Around The World’ is really about feeling like it’s you against the world, and racing against time. It’s about the pressures to succeed in such a short amount of time, people thinking they know best, and are lost in their own worlds, only concerned about themselves. In this rat race we all live in today, it’s getting harder and harder to break through, even if you work your ass off. The sound is upbeat, kind of a more pop punk ish vibe. Corey Lowery and I thought, though we usually are huge fans of incorporating harmonies in our arrangements, that since this song is really about feeling like it’s just you against the world, so we tried to make it sound like just one melody line, one voice, against all this hard hitting music. The verses are also supposed to make you feel that anxiety and panic that I have on a daily basis, as I’m sure many of us do. But its a super fun song to rock out to when you are just listening to it without over analyzing it.”
Other album standouts include “War You Started” (“Hard hitting high energy – first track off the album to get listeners pumped up definitely one of my favorites!!! Also one of our favorites to kick off our sets with!”) Also, “So Wrong (Lay You To Rest),” “It’s about some really dark messed up stuff I went through and the rage that was building inside me because of it – about laying to rest the stress I was having over the situation. This song is also hard hitting and the vibes from the verse-pre chorus-chorus, even the breakdown and solo take you through the different stages of the feelings one can go through when dealing with traumatic experiences; and the relief you have when you finally tell a loved one or anyone that thing that you tried to bury inside you that you didn’t know was holding you back.”). Plus, the album-closing title track. “’Ready for Me’ is the name of the album and the 13th/final track on the record. I thought it would be a strong album title because it’s basically – Are you ready for me? I don’t think you’re ready for me; ready for me or not, here I am.”).
Physical CD pre order for North America here : http://madamemayhem.com/product/ready-for-me-cd/
(Digital pre orders coming soon for North America)
With hard rock roots and melodies that show off her vocal range, Madame Mayhem is excited to bring these new, unreleased songs to the masses this fall, as she will be hitting the road with Austin John Winkler (formerly the voice of Hinder) and Smile Empty Soul this fall on the Love Sick Radio Tour (presented by M7 Agency) in the U.S.A., before heading over to Europe and the U.K. for dates with Fozzy and Hardcore Superstar.
“I am so excited to play this new music live! Really looking forward to touring Europe and The UK in October and November 2017!”
The singer has performed across the United States to packed rooms, including B.B.King Blues Club, The Roxy, The Viper Room, Bowery Ballroom, Knitting Factory, a residency at The Cutting Room, the Bluebird Café during Grammy nomination week, Shiprocked Cruise 2017, Sunfest 2017, Sturgis Buffalo Chip 2017, and has performed on national tours with renowned and respected artists such as Doro and Mushroomhead.
Madame Mayhem has been covered in both fashion and rock music media worldwide, which includes feature coverage in Aquarian Weekly, Brave Words, Fashion Style, Gannett, Guitar World, KNAC, Loudwire (her music videos have been top 10 for multiple weeks), New Noise, Revolver, The Day In Rock, listed in ROCKwell UnScene Magazine’s top 5 Best Female Vocalists of 2016, and more. Additionally, she made most added on the CMJ Loud Radio Charts with over 60 stations nationally in the United States.
With ‘Ready for Me’ and tour dates on the horizon, Madame Mayhem is setting the stage for what promises to be a big 2018 with this string of worldwide tour dates in 2017!

01. War You Started

02. Wake Up (Enemy)

03. Hurt Me

04. Innocent

05. All Around The World

06. Number One

07. Stand Up

08. Say Go

09. Before You Burn

10. Original

11. Slow It Down

12. So Wrong (Lay You To Rest)

13. Ready For Me
The  Love Sick Radio Tour
Sep 22 Front Street Grill Dardanelle, AR
Sep 23 Outland Ballroom Springfield, MO
Sep 24 Shots Rolla, MO
Sep 26 Spillway Bowling Green, KY
Sep 27 Rockhouse Live Memphis, TN
Sep 29 9 Muses Tyler, TX
Sep 30 Hideaway Jackson, MS
Oct 03 Still Bar Gadsden, AL
Oct 05 Captain Hiram’s Sebastian, FL
Oct 06 State Theatre St Petersburg, FL
Oct 07 1904 Music Hall Jacksonville, FL
Oct 08 CLUB LA Destin, FL
Oct 10  Tallahassee FL  The Warrior
Oct 11 Poseidon Rooftop Bar Hilton Head Island, SC
Oct 12 Carolina Nightlight Darlington, SC
Oct 13 Hogtails Pendleton, SC
Oct 14 Johnny and Junes Winston-Salem, NC
Oct 15 Open Chord Knoxville, TN
Europe and the U.K. for dates with Fozzy and Hardcore Superstar
Oct 27 O2 Academy 2 Birmingham, United Kingdom
Oct 28 Tivoli Dublin, Ireland
Oct 29 Limelight 2 Belfast, United Kingdom
Oct 31 Live Rooms Chester-Le-Street, United Kingdom
Nov 01 Waterfront Manchester, United Kingdom
Nov 02 Islington Academy London, United Kingdom
Nov 03 Corporation Sheffield, United Kingdom
Nov 04 The Garage Glasgow, United Kingdom
Nov 05 Riverside Newcastle, United Kingdom
Nov 07 Q Factory Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nov 08 Colas Saal Aschaffenburg, Germany
Nov 09 Z7 Pratteln, Switzerland
Nov 10 Live Club Trezzo  Sull’adda, Italy
Nov 11 New Age Club Roncade, Italy
Nov 12 Kimera Rock Rome, Italy
Nov 14 Flex Wien, Austria
Nov 15 TECHNIKUM Munich, Germany
Nov 16 Turock Essen, Germany
Nov 17 Grunespan Hamburg, Germany
Nov 18 CPG Genk, Belgium
Fozzy/Gemini Syndrome in Clarksville TN http://stageshottz.com/?p=4147 Fri, 29 Sep 2017 18:37:31 +0000 http://stageshottz.com/?p=4147 Article by William Simpson

Tuesday night is not the normal wild rock and roll night out in the small Tennessee town of Clarksville.  It’s not every night that The Warehouse hosts Gemini Syndrome and Fozzy.  On this Tuesday night, The Warehouse was full of rock enthusiasts waiting to hear two of the best bands on the scene today.

I missed the two opening bands but got to see the set for Gemini Syndrome being setup and the anticipation running through the crowd.  Gemini Syndrome – Aaron Nordstrom (vocals), Brian Steele Medina (drums), Alessandro Paveri (bass), Daniel Sahagun (guitar), and newest member Miguel Rascon (guitars) – took the stage to a roaring approval of the crowd.  They are touring in support of their recently released sophomore release “Memento Mori”.  Gemini Syndrome opened the show with crowd favorite “Pleasure and Pain” followed by “resurrection” and “Zealot”.  The audience we crowding the stage jumping and singing from the first note unit the house lights came one.  Aaron was hitting all the notes and his voice was in top form.  Brian Steele Medina was destroying the drums as he always does and along with Alessandro Paveri, they held a thunderous but steady backbone all night.  Gemini Syndrome is one of the most popular live bands in the world.  They create great music and put on a one of a kind live show.

After Gemini Syndrome left the stage it gave the crowd the opportunity to go get a few more beers and get ready for the headliner, Fozzy.  Front man and WWE legend Chris Jericho brought the fans to a wild frenzy again with their latest single title of their album being released next month, “Judas”.  Joining vocalist Jericho in Fozzy is co-founder and lead guitarist Rich Ward, Frank Fontsere on drums, Billy Grey on rhythm guitar, and Paul Di Leo on bass.  Fozzy performed a long set, to the enjoyment of the fans, and played such hits as “Sin and Bones”, “To Kill a Stranger”, to name a couple.

The fans that made their way to The Warehouse this Tuesday night was rewarded with some great music and two bands that are great at what they do.  I left The Warehouse heading out on a road trip to Colorado but I had ot stop by the merch table and say “Hi” to the guys and pick me up a copy of the new Genini Syndrome album to list to on the ride.  You should do that same.

Fozzy/Gemini Syndrome – Image Gallery http://stageshottz.com/?p=4143 Fri, 29 Sep 2017 18:33:53 +0000 http://stageshottz.com/?p=4143 Live performance photo’s of Fozzy/Gemini Syndrome show at The Warehouse in Clarksville, TN on September 26, 2017 by William Simpson.